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Starting a cake business from home is a relatively large commitment. The next big step is to get your cake company out, advertise, and market it. Often attracting clients to your business can be a challenging task. It can be even harder to find the right customers for your business.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to help people find your cake company. You can advertise and promote your cake from home in multiple ways. Did you make cakes for a while? You were through some of this yourself if you did so.

There are a lot of advantages in a cake business from home, but, in many ways, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are alone and a single person. Most of us who are bakers at home are always alone. Generally, everything goes from making a cake to delivering a cake, often with some family support. For you, it is this way. Your family will support you much, but in the end, it is your business. You are in charge of that. It was very challenging when you started, and in the beginning, you used some innovative techniques. Some were time-consuming, some were promising but costly.

Here Are Few Approaches to Promote Your Online Cake Business

  • Print coupons and send them to local libraries, stores, schools, seek the assistance of the people you know.
  • Publicity in local newsletters distributed to town halls, colleges, daycare centers, and libraries.
  • Give free mini cakes, cake pops, and cupcakes during Sunday church meetings with residents.
  • Join the local community and meetings on the network – introduce yourself and let them know where you are and what you are offering.
  • Offer incentives to local businesses and companies, a referrer fee or commission of 5 or 10 percent.
  • Make a stand/stall at the local trade show. To inspire people to try something, sell cupcakes at a reasonable price.
  • List your company at the local town hall and in the classified ads for people to find you.
  • Publish on local websites such as supermarkets and corporate websites.

An E-commerce Website

You know a lot of cake designers and makers who do not have an online presence. If they have one, they do not often update the content regularly. It can be an excellent way for someone to order a cake on your website. As your website is alive and your business is online, the customers can type your company name, and they will find you. It is so simple and straightforward. An e-commerce website may be an intimidating feeling. But for yourself, you do not have to do that.

To create an e-commerce website for your cake business, you can recruit anyone or hire an agency. And you can create your website at BakeBoost with just under $ 30 a month if you do not have the finance to recruit someone. There are loads of free resources available at BakeBoost, which teach you how to make and sell cake and keep control of your finances in one place.

Bake Boost Consultancy

BakeBoost is an efficient Bakery Management Software tool for dealing with your cake business effectively reducing your costs and increases revenues within no time. If you are new to the online cake community and have a small client portfolio, customers do not take a chance on someone they do not know.

BakeBoost consultancy can be an excellent way to reach your targeted customers, not only enhance your cake designs and tastes but also improve the quality of your customer service on one platform. BakeBoost had a very good clientage because we did business with our clients on several occasions and earned very positive feedback. Over time, you will be leading your cake company through innovative work, credibility, and positive customer feedback.

Wedding Occasions

It is a beautiful occasion and a place to cherish people. Here, you will find prospective clients but other cake designers, recipe makers, and cake distributors. Introduce yourself and your cake business to as many people as possible on that occasion. If possible, bring your cake to the event and let your friends taste your cakes. Create and bring dummy cakes to the wedding to show off your designer cake creativity skills to promote your online cake business.

Social Media Community

You have got a social media love-hate relationship with your family and friends. You like to meet people but always fear sharing your work. What if my designer cake does not please people? What if they do not like or comment on the pastry images I shared? Oh, we still have to be out there considering all that. Share our creative and tasty cake, draw their intentions who admire your talents, and remain on the wall or newsfeed.

Our friends and family will see our creative cake work and that way we will find new customers. If previous customers see our work, they are proud to be using our services; however, they will remember to see us in their newsfeed when they need another cake.

Newsletter Sign-Up

Create a newsletter campaign that will allow new and previous customers to keep in contact. Send them a greeting message during vacations and festive occasions. Send them an invitation, coupon a discount in the e-mail, or other sales offer. Offer your products at the nearby baking outlets.

At times, local bakeries in your nearby have no problem outsourcing such designer cakes products as long as they are from a trustworthy source. To sell the local bakery cupcakes – give them an attractive incentive they can’t refuse. It is a great way to maintain a steady income and an ideal way to keep profits stable.


 You’ve read a lot about this article in several business articles, but we’ll discuss it in detail. How do you sell your cakes? Are you setting the right price for your cake? On the other hand, you should overprice all of your cakes. We always advise you to monitor your product prices and their market value and then price your products accordingly. The market value should match the quality level of the product so as not to overprice the item.

Let Bake Boost start your cake business effortlessly. You should need to start with your idea of cake design and taste. All of your cakes should be delicious, but the cake itself, along with the taste, requires extra work and attention. Also, you should set a price that aligns with the current market value.

Ask yourself a simple question, if there were two quality taste cakes with different designs offering the same price. Which one are you going to choose? You need to assess yourself and evaluate everything about the cake choosing ingredients, designing, taste, and presentations. of the cake. Before offering cakes to customers, you should be the strongest critic of yourself.

At Bake Boost, we offer all one solution from recipes, ingredients, designing, and marketing the cake business effortlessly with emerging entrepreneurs. We shall work very hard with you until you find your right position in the market for quality, price, and reputation.

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