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Why Bake Boost App

Bakery Management Software

A cloud-based bakery management software that assists in the management of all aspects of your bakery business tasks like accounting, inventory, production, sales, recipe, costing, sales history, invoicing, delivery, customers, and many more.

Delight your customers

Bake Boost App gives your bakery an instant, scalable and cost-effective solution.

Although its main focus is bakeries, you can also use them in restaurants and ice cream parlors. It is the best choice for those facing challenges in managing orders and business costs. It reduces the waste of each product which in result saves money.

The labor cost calculator helps with estimating the salaries and also helps you with planning for future hiring.

You don’t need to worry about your payments details. It offers many payments options to customers at their convenience.

Bake Boots is Versatile

From small bakers to multi-chain stores. It is designed for businesses of all sizes.

Seriously Low Cost

BakeBoost’s pay-as-you-go, scalable pricing model fits your needs and your budget!

Accessible on any Device

Bake Boost App runs on desktops, laptops, tablets, even smartphones. No need for proprietary hardware.

Offline Mode

No internet? No problem. BakeBoost App’s core POS will keep your business going even if you’re offline.

User-Friendly Interface

The Bake Boost App is super easy to use, so you can focus on business!


Low Cost, Low Risk & Instantly Deployable. Go from sign up to taking orders in minutes.

Tablet-Friendly Order Taking

Take orders on the floor or on the field on tablet-ready interface . Delight your customers.

Hosted and Managed by US

No on-premise infrastructure, no IT contracts, no headaches. Also, get free updates & features instantly!

Bakery Business

Managing a bakery business is a challenging task. There are plenty of things to perform in the bakery business, including materials, recipes, staff, orders, customers, and many more. Without proper management of all this, it is impossible to run a successful bakery. As being entrepreneur and bakery owner, doing all these tasks manually by yourself can be daunting. It will not only consume a lot of time, but it may also not be efficient.

Why Bake Boost App?

The Bake Boost Software has all the basic and advanced features to start a bakery business. It is suitable for the baking business of every scale. It simplifies production and centralizes all departments. The valuable features are free recipes, cake images, customer management, invoicing, labor cost calculator, production management, waste management, recipe/formula management, nutrition management, suppliers management, inventory control, time tracking, sales management, and many more.

Cloud-based Software

It is cloud-based software, and it becomes easy to use with mobile and tablets and manages bakeries anytime and anywhere.

Free Recipes and Images

The customer care department of Bake Boost is very efficient in finding new recipes and formulas for bakery products. It keeps updating new recipes, ingredients, and cake images that are available to everyone.


One of its main features is nutritional analysis. It is pretty accurate and helpful in the daily eating routine of the customers. It informs them about allergies.


The savings calculator helps you to manage expenses and minimize them. 


Among the valuable features of Bake Boost, automated invoicing is perhaps their most prized feature. It also has a savings calculator, a central billing option. It offers automated invoices that help you generate error-free invoices.


It monitors the production process and generates the production calendar according to your orders. It provides all the necessary planning and management tools crucial to run the production process and reduce the cost and waste of over-purchasing. This software helps you control and monitor all the processes to manage your bakery. It also provides further advantages of tracking bakery items.


It generates daily business reports on production, sales, orders, and material consumption. You can filter, search, sort, and delete the items from the main list. It a good choice for bakery outlets.

Bakery Management Software

A bakery management software can assist you in the management of all aspects of your bakery business. It can help you complete all tasks, like accounting, inventory management, production management, sales management, recipe costing, sales history, and many more. Choosing the right bakery management software can be critical since not all software offers the same features at the same price.

Bakery Operations

Bake Boost makes it easy for bakery owners and food manufacturers to manage their day-to-day operations and sales. It empowers them to manage their kitchen and all other tasks of the bakeries at their fingertips. Besides this, it is also helpful in new product development and customer service. Bakery Reconciliation helps you calculate the cost and plan future orders. Its cloud-based service allows you to do business 24/7 without any intervention, and they can watch their business from anywhere.

Woo commerce Integration

The Bake Boost App integrates with the woocommerce website to take orders directly from customers for your bakery.

Recipes and Ingredients

It provides recipes, formula costings, and nutrition analysis solutions for bakeries. You can also manage and track real-time ingredient consumption, know your margins, and monitor loose quantity sales.


Managing inventory is a significant aspect of bakery businesses, and it helps you manage your stock in real-time and notifies you about out of stock items.


It has a comprehensive delivery team that processes online deliveries through all the major delivery apps.


It has innovative features like Quality Assurance, Food Safety. You have the option of auditing quality from the raw material stage up to delivery. It helps you ensure the quality of your offering. It also lets you handle strict compliance regulations that are part of food safety.


It helps you manage your orders and sales. It enables you to generate more revenue by managing inventory efficiently. Its automated notification feature allows you to respond quickly to new orders. Auto email and SMS feature provide customer updates on their order. It also helps improve your bakery’s sales by automating many tasks that are hard to manage manually. It can help you with sales forecasting and sales management.


It comes with very affordable and economical price tags. It offers a free trial version along with paid packages. Its paid package starts from $20 per month and $50 per month with advanced features and multiple users. 


Business Dashboard

Monitor your business remotely, deep insights, intelligent reporting. That’s why Bake Boost’s App’s dashboard gives you great LIVE insights into every aspect of your business, from top-selling menu items to top-performing staff, from total orders across your outlets to canceled orders. You can customize it to look the way you like.


SMS Communication

Instant connectivity to your customers, keep them up-to-date every step of the way.

Bake Boost App’s SMS module allows you to maintain instant connectivity with your customers, notifying them at every step of your delivery chain proactively. Not just that, you can also use Bake Boost App’s SMS feature to send out carefully targeted SMS messages to your customers based on reports from your dashboard. Need to send an SMS to customers who haven’t ordered from you last month? Now you can, with a single click!


Scale your business with a click. Bake Boost loves it when you grow!

Whether you run a single bakery store or a chain, Bake Boost scales at the click of a button. That’s why Bake Boost App works great for all-size businesses, but it’s been designed from the ground up to support multiple outlets. Now all your outlets can be monitored centrally. Control the menu and staff access across all your branches from a single administration.

Achieve your goals

Total back-office & inventory management; every aspect of your process chain, now in control with the easy way.

We understand the challenge of every restaurant owner: to control costs, increase profitability, maintain excellent controls and food quality!

That’s why Bake Boost’s back office and inventory module were built with you in mind. Manage food costs with our infinitely usable recipe management feature. Send purchase orders and receive inventory with a single click. Track stock movement and your Cost of Goods LIVE! — no more excel printouts. Bake Boost was designed to make managing your inventory and controlling your costs super easy and let you focus on achieving your business goals.

Why Bake Boost App has changed the way I do my bakery business!

Ever since I use Bake Boost App it is just one click and done. You can go deeper into the app and use a lot of its advantages. I now have accurate delivery information and clear invoicing and credit notes.

Irfan Manzoor, Bakisto – The Cake Company


Easy to Set-Up and Easy to Use Bakery  Management System

From sign-up to taking orders, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

That’s why Bake Boost App provides a phenomenal user experience; so you can focus on running your business, while we host and manage the rest.

What is Bake Boost App?

Bake Boots App is a next-generation bakery and kitchen software that simplifies kitchen communications and processes to customer’s orders and delivery management in one unit. It increases kitchen efficiency, eliminates human errors, and enhances food quality and speed of service.

Is Bake Boost web-based App?

Bake Boost is a completely web-based APP to facilitate seamless integration with your  E-commerce store.

What business model Bake Boost support?

Bake Boost App supports all business models, including but not limited to full-service bakery stores, cafes, restaurants, food trucks, food court and events.

What are the benefits of Bake Boost App?

Bake Boost App has numerous benefits for your bakery business: 

1-Simplify and automate kitchen communication and processes.

2-Optimize order fulfillment efficiency using station-specific SLAs.

3-Digitize your stock and inventory management and promote a paper-free environment. 

4-Monitor staff performance with a LIVE overview of your workflow.

What device Bake Boost App works on?

Bake Boost App is device agnostic! You can use it on any OS and device with a minimum resolution of 1024×768, as well as on both touch and bump interfaces.

Best for Home Bakers

The Bake Boost is a great match for businesses of all sizes in the baking industry. It encourages all the businesses and individuals to make and sell food products online with the peace of mind.

Value for Money

All of the critical information, functions, and data are accessible at a single location inside the app. That’s why Bake Boost making it simple to keep track of recipes, inventory, pricing, invoicing, and income.

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