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Bake Boost helps bakers sell online and manage their business with one app.

It includes an online store, order management, customer care, delivery tracking, calendar, product catalog, and marketing tools.

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Could Bake Boost be the solution to unlocking a business’s potential?

1 – Aspiring Bakers: Launch Your Dream Cake Shop / Bakery

  • Profile: Individuals or entrepreneurs eager to start their own cake or bakery business.
  • Needs: A comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that guides them through the process of setting up and launching their business, from creating an online presence to managing initial orders.
  • How We Help: Bake Boost provides step-by-step guidance, essential tools for setting up an online store, and basic management systems to get their bakery off the ground successfully.

2 – Emerging Cake Shops / Bakeries: Overcome Your Growing Pains

  • Profile: Cake Shops & Bakeries have recently encountered operational & management challenges, particularly with handling online aspects.
  • Needs: Solutions that simplify complex processes like order management, inventory control, and customer engagement.
  • How We Help: Bake Boost offers an Online store, CRM, automated inventory management, and user-friendly order systems to streamline business processes and make management more accessible and efficient.

3 – Established Cake Shop / Bakeries: Optimize and Expand

  • Profile: Well-established Cake Shops & bakeries looking to refine their operations and expand their market reach online.
  • Needs: Sophisticated tools for scaling operations, enhancing online sales, & analyzing business performance to drive growth.
  • How We Help: Bake Boost provides integrated e-commerce solutions, detailed analytics for business insight, & enhanced customer relationship capabilities to help them scale effectively and increase profitability.

Cake Business Management App

Your passion for baking can be a business to earn you money. Bake Boost is an online web application to help cake designers, decorators, bakery owners, and home bakers to manage their day-to-day tasks.

No More Time Wasted on Manual Work and Excel Sheets

bake boost

Start Your Own Bake Business

Create your own bakery business with the help of the Bake Boost App easily. Cake Boost App is available for bakers to manage their home bakery business and outlet from any mobile browser, tablet, smartphone, PC, or Mac. Login anywhere in the world to check new order status, customers list, or ingredients, inventory, and sales.

Custom Cake Management

Cakes ordering application helps you to control cakes pricing correctly and cost every recipe and ingredient to reduce overhead expenses.

Customer Data Management

Bake boost app will be your best salesperson for customers. Keep track of all your customer’s birthdays and anniversaries to help you to position your cake for their special occasions.

An app for every cake business need

Everything you need with an exceptional user experience. Bake boost apps work seamlessly together – giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do – centralized, online, and accessible from anywhere with any device.

Easily Manage Your Orders and Customers in One App

Smooth business functionality at your fingertips, anywhere – with On-The-Cloud. Easy-to-use cake Bake Boost is proven to reduce costs, increase sales, and improve efficiency. It provides the best analytics in the business and integrates smoothly with your accounts, e-commerce woo-commerce, POS, labeling, and other applications.

bake boost
bake boost

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Struggling with spreadsheets or out-of-date legacy systems? Want real control of your bakery’s back office, your customers, your shop floor, your outlets, your vans, and beyond? Each customer’s data with an easy-to-use, customized product list with Bake Boost.

Managing Your Business from Home isn’t Very Hard.

Cake baking software Bake Boost is designed to help Home and bakery owners take control of all aspects of the business. It gives your bakery the tools it needs to ensure all of your customers leave your store with the fresh baked goods they need.

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The key benefit is control. With Bake Boost, my baking managers can change product orders, record waste and deliveries. This is sent to our bakery electronically, reducing manual processing and improving accuracy.

– Ali Sayed

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