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Production Management in Bakery Software

With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, you can plan your bakery production in advance, stay compliant, and schedule production.

Production Management in Bake boost app

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By signing up for FREE, you can use the Bake Boost Bakery Management Software solution for home bakers, entrepreneurs, and users to run a bakery business. Everything from order management to delivery is all taken care of by Bake Boost. The operations become more organized and less time-consuming.

Schedule bakery production with a drag and drop calendar

Using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system, arrange your bakery production weeks in advance.

If you’re going to plan the production of the bakery ahead of time, plan it based on estimates, minimum stock levels, and sales orders.  A calendar can be used to move and schedule product ingredients needed for production, while it does the rest of the work automatically.  To the baker who makes several days’ worth of baked goods, there is the option of laying out the meal’s recipes on separate days.  One day, make the icing, another day make the filling, and on the third day, make the cake..

Create reports effortlessly and efficiently

Eliminate the possibility of manufacturing delays by viewing what materials are required to achieve production specifications via a bill of materials.

Automatically created reports are generated each time you design your bakery production schedule.  BOM reports include bills of materials (BOM) and supply documentation.  A BOM is an ingredient or packaging shortage alarm system, and it can help your bakery save money and time.  Maintaining quality control and avoiding inventory problems can be done by using reports such as work orders, merchandise on order, and production summaries.

 Explore the other Features of BakeBoost Software as well and you will learn Why BakeBoost is essential for your core bakery and cake business.

Manage Government Rules and Regulations

Producing and using production reports helps you follow governmental standards, while at the same time giving you the ability to carry out product recalls with a single click.

Many bakeries struggle with being compliant and up to date with government standards. In order to ensure regulatory compliance, product tracking is a must.  By consuming the relevant lot numbers, the production scheduler helps by creating traceable batch numbers.  Ensure your production crew stays on task by making use of work orders, production reports, and your production screen.

Consume raw materials with lot tracking

Consume materials utilized in production to keep track of inventory levels. BakeBoost is an efficient Bakery Management Software tool for accepting payments in an innovative fashion.

The capacity to ingest materials instantly is a major compliance and certification need.  With Bake Boost software, production personnel can use the production scheduler to tell the system when they have used materials.  Whenever possible, automatically employ the FIFO approach to manage newer inventory.  This step follows after each batch has been completed. Once finished, immediately produce a product tag for each batch that includes the right batch number.

BakeBoost is an efficient Bakery Management Software tool for dealing with your cake business effectively reducing your costs and increases revenues within no time.

Auto Backups and Upgrades in Production Management

This bakery software is supplemented with complete scheduled backup capabilities on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly.

A regular backup-on-the-the-the-the-cloud subscription comes with automatic daily and weekly cloud storage as well as an off-site backup. In the background, whenever updates will be released, your account will automatically be updated to the latest Bake Boost App.

Ever since I use Bake Boost App it is just one click and done. You can go deeper into the app and use a lot of its advantages. I now have accurate delivery information and clear invoicing and credit notes.

Irfan Manzoor

CEO, Bakisto

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It puts you in control of everything from production to delivery. Bake Boost App provides complete leverages to enhance profits, reduce waste, and gain better control.


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