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Bake Boost Bakery Management Software, a comprehensive solution for all types of bakery shops, is freely available worldwide. We are free to offer a broader range of potential promotions as this product is suitable for medium to large retail shops. The easy-to-use class-leading BakeBoost Bakery Management Software helps to handle the wholesale and retail business fast billing using barcode and scanner supported POS system. The software is simple to learn and train your staff. You can implement it in no time within your organization.

Free Bakery Management Software helps organize production, track sales, and allocate costs to save time and money – this is why newbies can both cook and manage more sales or profits at a faster speed. Download and try out the Best and free bakery management software and POS system for bakeries.

Key Benefits of Free Bakery Management Software BakeBoost

  • Generate sales bills and make purchase orders, and discount coupons for your customers, generate inventory balance records and customer lists, manage your supplier’s accounts, and manage your accounts are all possible.
  •  With our bakery Shop management software, stock management is simple and easy. In case you run out of the product, the software will start generating the reorder request automatically.
  • A software solution that incorporates point-of-sale with inventory management, which is easy to learn and use.
  • To export the data and generate various reports, the user can have the option to choose to export to different formats, like text, excel, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • You do not need to buy expensive software. We will provide the bakery management software as a free service and a trial download.
  • It is a bar code scanner that allows users to print labels with bar codes, designed to help automate charge billing processes.
  • Please read to use the provided invoice template. The customization is mandatory at the invoice level. To prepare invoices, you can start with an existing template or create your own choice.
  • Loyalty programs are geared up towards getting more customers back to the company, plus produce increased business.
  • Are you concerned about the possibility of customers growing their pending balance? , BakeBoost will sync with the customer’s mobile and push the SMS directly to the customer.

A highly dependent company like a bakery would rely on its quality products that increase its sales and credibility. Most of the products have to be made fresh, cooked, and baked at the time of order. However, if we can not make a sale on the same day,

it is impossible to save those items for the next day. Waste and unnecessary expenses significantly reduce the profitability of the company. Using a Just Free Bakery Management Software enabled bakery, you’ll be able to plan what you produce. The system that best packages the end-to-end bakery experience.

Plan for the Production

Based on the past historical sales volumes and customer’s demand for bakery products, the sale volumes and inventory levels can help bakery owners achieve accurate production. To meet the timeline of demand and supply of the defined period without increasing the production levels.

Controlling Fluctuation Cost

Even if the actual cost of raw materials fluctuates, the bakery must still accurately. It keeps track of the number of raw materials and inventory worth of the bakery. It ensures a uniform and consistent selling price throughout the year.

Central Kitchen Management

These baking services generally have a centralized kitchen management system. Here the system transferred the finished and semi-finished products to front-end outlets and customers. This bakery software has a way to monitor deliveries to clients, where the owner knows who ordered what when.

In-Store Production

Since you need to take orders from customers, you need to use kitchen ordering software for storing customer order tickets. Perishable items like high-end desserts are prepared in small batches by chefs based on the quantity and timing.

Generate Reports and Alerts

Do the customization and generate the report to the specifications. Categorize and summarize all business data using an analytic dashboard. Always take detailed sales, orders, stock. Enable the SMS and Email notification service to bring more customers over time with discounts and loyalty programs.

Customize Order Taking

If you were to start a bakery down the street, you could use a management system to coordinate the whole store. You can either have an in-person bakery making custom-made cakes and also manage taking bulk orders. Through this, the vendor will receive a quote generation event, invoice to pay conversion, a customer profile, customer updates, and delivery status checking.

Generate Bill and Tax Invoices

This form of service makes it very easy to do the bills and taxes. Once you receive the order, it is a simple job to do. You can regulate these items as either a complete item or a partial item, based on business policy and structure. It incorporates the bifurcation of tax into an excise tax and a value-added tax in the invoice report. A computer system allows all types of businesses to use it to keep track of their bills.

Inventory Management

As a way to minimize waste in the bakery, the inventory management program prompts the storekeepers or in-store managers to report any changes made to the bakery inventory system. It helps to prevent slipping and tripping hazards, misuse, and unethical business events.

Accuracy in Accounting

According to the bakery management, the system that produces profit and loss accounts and balance sheets is very successful. Listing the point of purchase on the bakery shelf eliminates the need for an accountant and less chance of a human error. Manage customer accounts and vendor accounts by tracking all expenses and income.

Use Free Bake Boost App

Explore the other Features of BakeBoost Software as well and you will learn Why BakeBoost is essential for your core bakery and cake business. BakeBoost is an efficient Bakery Management Software tool for dealing with your cake business effectively reducing your costs and increases revenues within no time.

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