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Beauty is all that attracts the eyes of the customers. If people find something beautiful, they’ll surely yearn for it. Appearance is what matters the most. While baking cakes, a baker’s sole focus shouldn’t be on taste, rather he should focus on appearance as well. If a cake doesn’t look good, people won’t buy it let alone think of tasting it. In simpler words, a baker should focus on decorating the cakes to its best. While decorating the cakes, bakers often feel confused about what to do, where to start from, or how to do it. But if you have the right cake-decorating tools and some cake-decorating hacks in mind, you can make your confections look professional in no time. Cake decorating hacks have been found to be a convenient way to decorate your cakes faster and more efficiently.

Cake decorated with three different colors
Cake decorated with three different colors

So, my dear readers, our today’s topic is Cake Decorating Hacks 101. We have gathered some really cool hacks for you to try while decorating your cakes. These hacks have been proven to be extremely helpful for both beginners and professional bakers. Not only do these hacks save time but also help bakers decorate their cakes in a very smooth manner.

Hack #1

Let the cake cool completely in the pan

Ever wondered why your cake falls apart as soon as you start decorating it? This happens to the majority of the bakers and makes them quite agitated while decorating the cake. The good news is that this problem is quite easy to solve. The trick here is to let your cake cool down completely in the pan. Once it is cooled down, then you can start decorating your cake. Following this trick will prevent your cake edges from falling apart and you can decorate cleanly.

Hack #2

Make your own buttercream

A woman decorating cake
A woman decorating cake

Many bakers prefer buying icing from a convenience store to decorate the cake. While it might look tempting and save time, if you notice keenly you’ll find the icing to be very sticky. This will lead to pulling up your cake’s exterior. So, why not make some time to prepare your own buttercream? Also, homemade buttercream is so much tastier and healthier than the canned frosting. That is something your customers will appreciate.

Hack #3

The infamous crumb coat magic

If you want to trap your crumbs to create a smooth base for the decorative frosting, then you need to crumb-coat your cake with a thin layer. But remember, do this before applying your final layer of frosting. Once, you’re done with the crumb coating, let it cool for a while, and then do the final frosting application. The results will leave you amazed.

Hack #4

Generate ideas from your cake flavors

Decorating hundreds of cakes and that too differently can be tough. And that is why this hack can help you. In order to decorate your cake in a unique way, try to generate ideas from the flavors used in the cake. Or the event for which it is made. Use all those colors that can enhance the flavors being used. Similarly, you can take inspiration from the reason you made it. For example, if it is for a birthday, you can add many colors to it. If it is for a wedding, then the colors would be subtle. In short, asking these simple questions can help you generate ideas to decorate your cakes. For more ideas click here.

Hack #5

Use of stencils

With the help of stencils, you can make beautiful cake designs. The stencils can either be homemade or store-bought. You can secure the stencil with a little frosting and even dust it with cocoa powder or powdered sugar. What’s more, is the use of edible glitter. This will make your cakes more special.

Hack #6

Do lots of experiments with toppings

When it comes to toppings, we have hundreds of options right? The appearance of a cake can be changed in a minute with these toppings. The more toppings the better right? Also, these toppings save us a lot of time and you don’t need to apply or use any professional techniques. You can experiment with;

Fresh fruits: Everyone loves to eat fresh fruits. Try to add fresh fruits to elevate the look of your cake. You can try berries, limes, orange slices, blueberries, or any other fruit depending on the flavor.

A cake full of fruit toppings
A cake full of fruit toppings

Arranging colorful candy: Cakes made for kids can be decorated with candy. Kids love to eat candy. Not only the use of cand

y will look colorful but make your cakes more delicious.

Use sprinkles: Want to add a cute flair to your cake? Use sprinkles as they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Using other edible things: This includes fresh flowers, chocolate curls, and any other thing that is edible and chic.

You can use all these things to add pops of color, texture, and whimsical touches to your cakes.

Bonus hacks

We thought after reading the above hacks, our readers might need some bonus hacks as well. So, here we are with some bonus hacks to consider while decorating your cakes.

Never toss leftover cake scraps

Bakers often toss out the leftover cake scraps as they don’t find them of any use. But we would ask you to stop throwing it from now on and freeze it. You can use them later to make cake pop fillings, ice cream toppings, and even pie crusts. This will also save you some money.

Freezing your cakes

Before you do frosting, freeze your cake layers as this will lead to easier crumb control and also leave your cakes with sharper edges which is what every baker wants right?

Ending remarks

Decorating cakes can be fun yet tiring at the same time. But don’t stress out too much about decorating them. At the end of the day what matters the most is the taste of your cake. Yes, the looks also matter a lot and that is why we have shared some hacks for you to work on them and make your cakes not only taste but look good as well. Keep one thing in mind, try to have as much fun as you can while experimenting with different styles and decorations. Look for baking apps that can give you new ideas to decorate your cakes. Keep practicing until you become good at it. That’s all from us today, see you next time with a new topic till then take care and HAPPY BAKING.

Maham Ubaid