Cake Business

Start of development for Bakeboost 2.0

Thank you for sharing your feedback over the last two years while using Bakeboost for your businesses. As we continue to build on the success of our initial Bakeboost app, I am excited to announce the development of version 2.0

This new app version will build on the original product goals and differentiating features while adding new capabilities to help bakery owners and home-based cake sellers grow their businesses and better serve their customers.

One of the key focuses of Bakeboost 2.0 will be on further enhancing the customer relationship management capabilities of the software. This will include new features for managing customer data, tracking customer interactions, and analyzing customer behavior to help bakery owners better understand and meet their customers’ needs.

In addition, Bakeboost 2.0 will incorporate even more advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to help users optimize their baking processes, reduce waste, and create healthier and more organic baked goods. This will include recipe optimization, ingredient tracking, and automated quality control.

Other new features in Bakeboost 2.0 will include:

  • Enhanced delivery management capabilities, including real-time tracking and route optimization
  • Expanded inventory management features, including automated reordering and advanced reporting and analysis
  • Integration with popular online marketplaces and social media platforms to help bakery owners reach new customers and grow their businesses

The product roadmap for Bakeboost 2 is ambitious, but I am confident we can deliver a product that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. We plan to release an MVP asap and continue adding new features and capabilities over the coming months.

As always, we welcome feedback from our users and are committed to building a product that meets their needs. We’re excited to continue this journey with our customers and help them revolutionize the baking industry with the power of technology.