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We are solving today’s problem for a better tomorrow. We are helping home & commercial bakers, so they win more orders, more customers with fewer costs. costs.

about us

Our Story – How we’re making an impact!

The founder, Mr. Irfan Manzoor, is a successful bakery owner and entrepreneur. After getting his MBA, he started his career with multinationals ERP companies in Dubai. He left his job and started his own Cake Delivery Service Company. His first experience as an entrepreneur was not very successful because he ran out of cash very soon. He has to wind up his company with heavy losses. He didn’t quit and give him another chance with his valuable experiences. His next business was an online Customized Cake Manufacturing and Delivery company.
The co-founder, Mr. Mudassar Rasool, is an ecommerce expert and tech entrepreneur. After his MBA (IT), he served in IT and corporate financial institutions. He left his full-time employment and became an entrepreneur. He developed his in-depth knowledge and skills in ecommerce solutions and started helping other entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Mr. Irfan’s customized cake bakery business was initially a success. Soon, he realized that he is wasting too many resources and his business is not in order. He acquired multiple bakery management software to streamline his business operations. His business is organized in some ways after switching to bakery management software. He need further customized solutions for the hurdles he is still facing, but companies refused to provide them or charged too much for those resolutions. The software he bought charges too much for monthly subscriptions and additional per-user ID charges.
Mr. Irfan discussed this issue with different industry leaders and acquaintances, particularly with Mr. Mudassar to resolve it.
After lengthy discussions and sessions, both learned that he needs custom solutions to his challenges. They began writing down all of the queries and the potential remedies to those problems. With the help of a professional programmer and design consultant, they developed an app just right for his bakery business.
They executed the newly develop software’s alpha version at Mr. Irfan’s bakery store for trial. They found it quite comprehensive for running a bakery business. Later, they offered this newly developed software to other bakery owners, and they found it very valuable.

Later, they realized that they had built a fantastic bakery management software, and they should need to share it with other emerging and struggling bakery companies. It was at this time that the “Bake Boost App” concept was born. Then they came up with a new, ambitious but achievable plan to build a full-scale version of this product and thrive new business.
They view it as an opportunity, and as entrepreneurs, they believe that by gathering the right resources, they will be able to successfully run the Bake Boost.

Our Founders

Irfan Manzoor

Irfan Manzoor


A passionate and successful entrepreneur in the baking cake industry. Technology expert and anthropologist.

Mudassar Rasool

Mudassar Rasool


A tech entrepreneur and ecommerce expert. and tech entrepreneur. Helping other businesses.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the baking industry with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling online cake sellers, bakery owners, and home-based cake sellers to start and grow their businesses quickly and easily


    • Enable cake sellers to start their business in minutes: The product will provide a simple, intuitive user interface that enables users to set up their online bakery business quickly and easily, with minimal technical expertise required.
    • Streamline customer relationship management: The product will provide a powerful customer relationship management system that enables users to manage customer data, track orders, and communicate with customers in real-time.
    • Optimize delivery routes: The product will use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize delivery routes, reducing delivery times and costs.
    • Provide predictive inventory management: The product will use machine learning algorithms to predict inventory needs based on past sales data, enabling cake sellers to better manage their inventory and reduce waste.
    • Automate marketing campaigns: The product will provide built-in marketing automation tools, enabling users to automate their marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, and SMS.
    • Offer real-time chat support: The product will provide real-time chat support for customers, enabling cake sellers to provide instant support and feedback to their customers.
    • Provide data analytics and insights: The product will provide powerful data analytics and insights, enabling users to track key performance metrics and make data-driven decisions to improve their business.
about us

Our Values

We create the best ease of doing business experience for our bakers through the power of design and software.


We acknowledges and accept responsibility for actions, products, decisions, time, and policies.


We are committed to providing opportunities for employees to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually while consistently providing products of exceptional quality and an outstanding customer service experience.


We actively support our community, donating our product and time to the specific needs of the organizations, neighborhoods, and families we serve.


We provide honest, timely communication and service that shows respect and kindness with every customer, teammate, supplier, governing agency, and competitor.


We ensure the health and well-being of all teammates and customers. We create a safe work environment through the ACT: Awareness, Communication, and Training.









about us

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