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Cost Management

Quickly calculate your product costs including ingredients, labor, and overhead.

Inventory Management

Let’s you know when you’re low on inventory and quickly add items to purchase order

Expenses Management

Record your business expenses quickly and effortlessly in Bake Boost App.

Ingredients Management

Adding your Ingredients & Supplies is quick and easy in Bake Boost App

Production Management

It is easy for you to add your own recipes and work out accurate pricing for them.

Customer Management

View previous orders as well as add important information for each customer.

Delivery Management

Track your mileage for your order deliveries to the customers onto your mobile.

Ecommerce Integration

Integrates with an ecommerce store and orders automatically appear in production flow.

Reduces Costs, Improves Efficiency and Increases Sales

Bake Boost App is an efficient cloud-based bakery manager software for all types of home bakers and commercial bakers. Start your 100 days free trial and manage their day-to-day operations which results in reducing their bakery costs, increase efficiency and increase sales.

100 Days Free Trial

We Make it Easy to Connect On Every Platform

The Bake Boost App works online – you can access all the information and your bakery store from any device, anytime and anywhere. It works smoothly on all devices: phones, tablets, and PCs. Start your 100 days free trial now.


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benefits for bakers

  • Save Money
  • Organizes Work
  • Streamline Processes
  • Increase Visibility
  • Enhance Security
  • Live Reporting
  • Business Scalability

Success Stories


We chose Bake Boost because we were unhappy with our traditional POS and wanted to move to an online system. Compared to other POS systems, there’s no competition. Bake Boost has so many attractive features like 100 days free trial, which is amazing. I can keep track of my business in real-time! But aside from that, I love how accommodating and open to customer requests and really do everything to improve our experience.

Asif Manzoor

CEO, Bakisto - the cake company

Bake Boost has revolutionized our customer engagement. At Pastry Perfection, we have more than 200,000 customers and each time a customer calls, thanks to Bake Boost, we know them by name, we know their order history, and their favorites items.

Bake Boost has fantastic ease of use with 100 days free trial. All of my staff can handle the software effortlessly. I have the ability to operate the online ordering module even when I’m home. I have instant access to critical sales information and several business insights.  I would recommend Bake Boost to other bakery business owners.

Farrukh Rasool

CEO, Pastry Perfection

cake feasta

Bake Boost is the perfect solution for home baker entrepreneurs! Its easy-to-use dashboard enables small bakery business owners to track and manage their daily operations from anywhere. The 100 days free trial is the best and it is cost-effective and scalable.

This has helped me make informed business decisions. It has given me the ability to strategize our marketing efforts more effectively.

Naveed Akhtar

CEO, Cake Feasta

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